About Me

Goldsmith as an active meditation

A lifelong passion

Hi! I am Konstanza, the person behind Theia Amulette 🙂

I was born in Venezuela and grew up between Caracas (Capital City) and El Paují (in the savannah in the south of the country), which gave me early access to different ways of relating to life. In Caracas, I knew the structure and movement of the urban world, while in El Paují, I had the joy of having contact with the profound wisdom of nature and the people who live near it.

When I was a child, my mother had always a bag full of natural stones, which gave me and my siblings to explore and learn their names, energy, and power. Additionally, she also introduced me to the goldsmith world, a craft she knew from my grandfather. I still remember my first necklaces and armbands made of beads 🙂

When the moment came, I decided to study Psychology with the intention to acquire formal tools to support people and try to understand the human world through that lens.

Besides my formal studies at the university, I visited an academy to learn the art of the goldsmith, a discipline that connects me with the creative expression of myself, being an active meditation for me.

After years of experiences and life spirals, Theia Amulette comes as a result of the interconnection of, on one hand, my personal story and love for the natural stones, spiritually, and magic, and, on the other hand, my fascination for human uniqueness, the power of intention, believes, and determination.

Theia Amulette brings the intersection of important aspects of my world, I hope it could be the first brick to build a community around these themes, with the goal of bringing spaces for positive grow, expansion, reflection, and connection between us and with ourselves


Konstanza Kunkel