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Find out which natural stone can support you and accompany you on the path

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Be an active architect of your reality

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You are pure magic, you are infinite possibilities


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Let’s create sacred spaces to connect with your intentions, to honor your path, and take care of your energy

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Theia’s Blog

Spring Ritual

On the last 20th March we had the Equinox, and with it, the Spring officially began! Equinoxes are beautiful moments in the year when the Sun is shining directly above Earth’s equator, which brings a balance between light and dark, day and night. This happens twice a...

Creating our own traditions

At this moment of the year, we are surrounded by a particular cultural atmosphere that opens a space to reflect on the traditions we are immersed in, the ones we follow and share with our family and friends, and how we feel about them.  We all have different...