On the last 20th March we had the Equinox, and with it, the Spring officially began!

Equinoxes are beautiful moments in the year when the Sun is shining directly above Earth’s equator, which brings a balance between light and dark, day and night. This happens twice a year, March and September.


The March Equinox brought a balance between sunshine and moonlight, and in the northern hemisphere, it marked the beginning of the spring season. On the same day, the Sun moved into Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, and the astrological new year also began. 

The energy on these days is an invitation to connect with the sparkles of new beginnings, to syntonize with the intentions you want to see manifested in the upcoming time.

To tune in with the astrological new year and equinox vibes let’s plant some intentions we want to see flourish in the next months.

Let’s find: paper, pencils, a red candle (arie’s color), soil, seeds, pot, water.

And let’s connect with the magic


Arrage your space to honor and syntonize with the energy, light some candles, your favorite incense, or essential oil, bring some flowers, put your favorite soundtrack.

Prepare the pot with soil, and have your seeds and water handy.

Write down three things you want to manifest in the upcoming months. Try to be very specific 🙂 

When you have your three intentions, fold the paper and burn it with the fire of the red candle (Tip: use wood sticks to hold the paper and drop it into a metallic container to prevent accidents).

Pick some seeds and having your intentions in your heart and mind, put them inside the pot. Cover them with soil and put some of the ashes of the paper you burned on top. Water the soil and visualize the way your seeds-intentions germinate, grow, and flourish.

Take the rest of the ashes and give them to the Universe blowing them to the wind. 

A part of the manifestation is going to be on you (your actions, your effort, the time you are going to dedicate), and the other part is going to be on the Universe, asking for guidance and trusting that everything has a place and time.

May your garden be full of magic, life, and grace!